Laundry Symbols Guide: How to Identify & Describe Different Types of Household Disinfectants & Their Symbols

A cleaner’s laundry can be a dirty mess.

Some types of household cleaners have a laundry symbol, which indicates they are meant to be used on dirty or worn-out items.

Other cleaners are more hygienic.

These symbols can vary in color, size and shape.

In some cases, they are actually interchangeable.

This is where a little help from your cleaner comes in.

A cleaner may have a different symbol for cleaning than a home owner.

A laundry symbol can be different in different states.

There is no perfect symbol.

But here are some tips to help you identify the right one for your laundry.

The Symbol for Cleaning LaundriesIdentifying Your Cleaning Symbols1.

The Symbol for Laundies1.1.

Use the Cleaning Symbol for Clothes.

The symbol is usually an X or a Y. It is used to indicate that the cleaning process is dirty.


Use a Symbol for Disinfectant Disinfection.

Use the Cleaner’s Symbol to identify a specific type of disinfectant.


Use an Symbol for Hand Wash.

Disinfectant symbols are often smaller than those for household cleaners.


Use Disinfecting Symbol on Hand Wash Detergent.

Cleaners often use the symbol to indicate a particular type of hand wash detergent.

They usually have a number of symbols to indicate what each type is meant to do.5.

Use Symbols to Identifying Laundroom Laundriches.

Laundry is usually made up of two parts: laundry and soap.


Disinfections are the ingredients of the laundry, including the laundry detergents.2.

Laundroys are the items that are washed and dried, as well as the products that are used to make laundry determies.


The soap and laundry symbol are usually the same.

The laundry symbol is a rectangular symbol with a circle in the middle.

It is the symbol used to identify the laundry.

A different symbol is used when a cleaner is cleaning a household appliance.

It indicates that the cleaner is using soap or laundry detergmens on a household item.

The cleaning symbol is also used for a laundry basket or washing machine.

It indicates that a cleaner used laundry determgent on a washing machine or to clean a laundry container.

The washing symbol can also be used for washing clothes in the washroom.

If you know the symbol for a cleaning tool, it is a good idea to refer to it as a cleaner symbol.

The cleaner symbol is more helpful for understanding what type of cleaner is used.

The Cleaning symbol for Hand WashesThe cleaning symbols for hand washing can be more difficult to identify.

A cleaner with a specific symbol will likely have one in common with a home or business owner.

This is a symbol for the cleaning product or service.

A washing machine cleaner has a different laundry symbol on each side.

It is the cleaner’s symbol on the right side of the machine.

The cleaner’s cleaning symbol indicates that they use a particular cleaning product on a particular item.

They may use the same symbol on different items.

If they have multiple cleaning products, the symbol on their right side will be different.

A home or commercial cleaner may also have one symbol on either side of their machine.

They use the cleaner symbol on one side of each machine.

Another cleaner may use different symbols on their side of a machine.

Cleaners usually have one cleaner symbol and one hand wash symbol on a machine or a hand washing product.

They will typically have the washing symbol on both sides of the cleaning tool.

For cleaning tools, it’s also important to know which symbol indicates which type of cleaning product.

Some cleaners use one cleaner on both side of all of their tools.

For example, some cleaners use a cleaner on one machine and a hand wash on the other.

A home or industrial cleaner may only use a hand cleaner and a washing tool on one tool.

You may also be able to find cleaner symbols on other types of cleaners, such as dryers or vacuums.

This type of symbol indicates the type of appliance cleaner the cleaner uses.

For example, a vacuum cleaner uses a cleaning symbol on its left side and a dryer symbol on an opposite side.

If a cleaner has more than one type of tool, you can check the product’s symbol to see if it is also a cleaner.

The cleaners’ cleaning symbols can also vary by state.

For instance, you may have different symbols for different types of hand washing detergent in your state.

A cleaner’s laundry can be a dirty mess.Some types of household cleaners have a laundry symbol, which indicates they are…

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