How Lysol laundromats saved America from pollution


— When a local company decided to install an automatic sprinkler system, it had to deal with an unprecedented wave of pollution that forced the city to shut down its entire laundry room.

The problem?

It was too late.

LYSOOL, the laundry-saver company that owns the laundromat in suburban Chicago, is now working to save the world from pollution.

The company has teamed up with the nonprofit Clean Water Action to install a new water-saving feature that will make LYSOs washrooms more efficient.

In a video that will be posted Thursday on Clean Water, Clean Water’s director of clean water programs, Kristin Cramer, shows how the new technology works.

The laundromas can use less water and produce fewer odor-causing chemicals.

Clean Water says it has been installing these new features in some 30 million laundromasts in over 100 countries.

Clean water advocates are already working to expand the list of laundromast locations across the world to include more cities and towns.

The new features include water-resistant washing machines that don’t need a separate water filter, a new washing machine water pump that can produce up to 50 gallons of water per minute, and a new automatic water-filtration system that eliminates unnecessary water waste.

The technology, which uses a proprietary machine and water-sucking equipment, is part of a broader effort to make the laundries cleaner.

Lysols have already been installed in over a million laundries around the world.

The city of New York’s laundry room system is also using the technology.

Lydysol was founded in 1968 and has more than 5,000 locations across 40 countries.

For more than a century, it has offered its customers an alternative to the typical laundromak.

It has been widely used by the wealthy, including wealthy European nations like the United Kingdom, France and Italy.

The laundry room is an open space where people can come to wash or wash-dry clothes without having to wash them at home.

CleanWater is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to cleaning the water, air and land around the globe.

It works to ensure that water-using devices like laundromasters and laundry-washers are used for the right reasons and are made in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Cleanwater also helps communities, including countries like the U.S., clean up their water systems to reduce their water use.

LYSA is a brand name of Lydsey-Smith International Inc., a U.K.-based global company.

The brand is an abbreviation for Lydese-Smith.

LYSOL, Ill.— When a local company decided to install an automatic sprinkler system, it had to deal with an unprecedented…

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