Housewife takes home $25,000 for decorating kitchen, bathroom in her apartment

An Ontario woman has earned $25.3,000 in tips from her husband, who has decorated her kitchen, bathrooms and living room.

“The kitchen is done and we’re pretty happy with it, we have a lot of photos and we have it all painted,” said Jennifer Sturgess, a senior housewife in Ottawa.

“He just got us a new TV and we’ve been getting a lot more pictures on it.”

Sturgesses and her husband worked together for almost six years before the couple got divorced.

The couple has four children, ages four, three, two and one.

Sturges’ husband’s work has included a large portrait of her husband on the wall, along with a portrait of him in his office.

Sturdesses said the money is the icing on the cake.

“It’s really nice to see the money and to see that the money I earn is really going to help the family out,” she said.

Stroudes and her family have two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a living room with an old TV in the living room, Sturgis said.

“We’re all very excited.

I’m really happy to be able to put the money back into our house and to have a place to call home,” she added.

Stirling, who is also a senior housing official in her city, said she has seen a significant increase in tips.

“I have seen the tip increase.

We have had a lot,” she explained.

“In fact, I’m getting more tips than I was last year.”

An Ontario woman has earned $25.3,000 in tips from her husband, who has decorated her kitchen, bathrooms and living room.“The…

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