‘I’m a woman in a man’s body’: How to make a ‘Women in a Man’s Body’ shirt with a ‘woman’s’ logo

With a “men’s” shirt featuring a “woman’s” logo, there is a new trend for women to wear this type of shirt.

In this article, we’ll learn how to make your own “I’m in a woman’s body” shirt. 

Here are the steps: First, select a design you’d like to design on a piece of fabric, like a cardigan or tee.

Then cut out a piece that fits your body and neck, or you can make a custom-made shirt for yourself. 

Next, you’ll need to add the “I am in a Woman’s Body” logo to the top of the fabric.

To do this, hold the fabric, which will be a bit flimsy, and cut it with a pencil.

Then, place the “Women in the Body” sign on top.

This will give the shirt a “women” silhouette.

(Make sure you have a little bit of padding to help prevent the sign from getting torn.) 

Once you have the shirt, you can attach the “Woman in the Life” logo and let it hang from the front or back of the shirt.

You can use either of the following options for the logo: a circle, a rectangle, a star or a circle.

(There are also “borders” for different shapes.) 

The design you choose will determine the size of the logo and how it will be displayed on the shirt: the logo can be made small or large, and the design can also be simple, bold or complex. 

You’ll also need to choose a design to place on the back of your shirt: a square, a triangle, a circle or a rectangle.

To add the logo, you must place it on the top or bottom of the piece. 

Once the design you’re using is ready, simply cut and sew it on.

The final product will look like this: So, how to create your own woman’s logo shirt? 

To make your shirt, start by cutting a piece from fabric that will be comfortable for you.

For this, we used a flimsy piece of cotton for this tutorial, and we made a simple shirt.

The shirt will be easy to make with a few easy steps: 1.

Fold the fabric in half so the sides and bottom are the same size.


Fold in half again so the top and bottom of your fabric are the exact same.


Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the sides of the garment.


When all of the folds are complete, you’re done! 

For this tutorial we used two sizes of cotton and two different lengths of yarn.

If you’re unsure of your size or yarn, go to the yarns department at your local fabric store and check out the chart below. 

If you’re still having trouble finding your yarn, use the yarn you have at home or purchase a yarn from your local yarn shop. 

We love our cotton fabric, but you can use any type of yarn you like, so feel free to use whatever you’d prefer. 

For the front of the design, fold the fabric into a tight square and attach the logo with a small elastic loop.

To sew the logo on, attach it with an elastic loop as shown in the illustration below.

Once the logo is sewn onto the shirt and you’re finished with the shirt’s design, you need to hang the shirt from the back with the front opening wide enough to accommodate the logo.

This is where your “woman in the life” logo will be located: The front of your design should be placed just above the front edge of the front panel. 

Attach the front and back panels with the elastic loops as shown above. 

The front of this shirt should hang just below the front, right shoulder, right breast and right elbow.

The back of this garment should hang at the bottom of each side of the body, at least 3 inches below the bottom edge of each panel.

This gives you enough room for the shirt to be worn comfortably and still display the logo easily. 

When you’ve finished making your design, attach the shirt with elastic loops. 

Note: When your shirt is ready to hang, you should remove the elastic strips and attach them to the back panel of the same fabric, so the shirt will sit at the back.

To hang the shirts, you will need to take out a section of fabric to make sure the elastic is still attached to the fabric and to attach the elastic to the front. 

To hang the design on the front panels, you simply need to cut the fabric down so the front is the same length as the back: Step 1: Fold the top fabric in two.

(For this example, we will use the top length of fabric and the bottom is a little longer.) 

Step 2: Fold both sides of

With a “men’s” shirt featuring a “woman’s” logo, there is a new trend for women to wear this type of…

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