Bleacher report: Super Bowl LI: The most expensive halftime show in NFL history

In the early years of the Super Bowl, there was the idea that the show would be the highlight of the game.

The league was looking to make it bigger and better than ever before.

However, as the game has gone on, the halftime show has become more about entertainment.

That’s because the NFL has become a more and more profitable business.

But, with the Super-Bowl just a few years away, the NFL is looking to go bigger and more important.

The NFL has decided to expand the halftime entertainment.

It wants to have something more than just a show.

The most important element is the audience, and the league wants to be able to have an entertaining show at halftime.

This will mean more money for the NFL.

The team with the most fans in a given city will get to choose the host, the host of the show and the show’s theme.

So, the league has expanded the amount of money it can spend on the halftime shows.

The new money can be used to fund the next generation of entertainment and promote the game itself.

The idea is to create a brand that will be as iconic as the NFL itself.

It could be as big as the Super Dome or as small as the locker room.

With the new money, the team with more fans in the stadium could hire a new announcer and hire a team of people who will have more experience with the game of football than any other broadcaster.

The theme could be different than what was used during the Superbowl, or even the stadium would be completely different.

The more people who can participate in the show, the better the show will be.

The teams that choose to have the most people at the game will also get to have a bigger budget.

And with the new halftime money, there’s a chance that teams that don’t like having more people at games might not want to play there either.

The first year of the new revenue will allow the NFL to spend more on the next Super Bowl and its new entertainment.

The next time there’s another Super Bowl?

It’s likely the next one.

So with the league’s new money and the fact that the games are being shown in more stadiums, the games will be played at a bigger capacity.

The number of people in the stands will be greater.

The game will be more exciting.

The entertainment will be better.

And fans will be entertained at a much higher level.

But the league needs to keep the game the same.

It’s important to make sure the games have the same entertainment, the same level of entertainment, and they have the fans, the fans will still come out.

There’s a lot more to the Super bowl than just the entertainment.

You have to be a fan to support it, and you have to support the league.

The fact that you get to be involved in it means more than the Super game itself, the Super Super Bowl is just the start of something bigger.

The second year of revenue will make the Super Bowl even bigger.

It will mean the league is able to invest more money in its stadium and more money to hire more staff to help promote the Super games.

This is the most important part.

The extra money is going to be invested in a bigger stadium and a better marketing campaign for the league, and it’s going to increase the number of fans who will be there.

This means more money, more advertising and more marketing.

But it also means that the Super Games will have the kind of fans that the league doesn’t want to have at its games.

The fans of the other games are the kind that the NFL doesn’t have, so it’s important for the Super bowls to have fans of those other teams as well.

If you don’t have a fan base, you’re not going to get the kind a Super Bowl.

You can’t have that kind of loyalty.

This kind of money also means more tickets and more seats.

With this money, stadiums will be bigger and the number that will show up will be even bigger, and there will be fewer seats.

And the Super Sports stadiums will have even more people than the ones in the Superbowls.

The stadiums will look even better and they will have better amenities.

The Super Bowl will become the most watched event in the world.

And if you want to see the Super Game live, you’ll need to get to the stadium.

The way the games work now is that you can’t be in the same place as your opponent.

You’ll get to see it on the big screen, but it won’t be like watching the Super Show on TV.

You will have to get on a plane and fly from a different country to get there.

The only way to get into the stadium will be if you’ve got an NFL credential.

The last two Super Bowls were televised in HD, and this year the league will try to stream the

In the early years of the Super Bowl, there was the idea that the show would be the highlight of…

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