Why a laundry stripping prank is real and why people think it is not

More than a decade after a laundry stripper was left with a hole in her leg after being mistaken for a missing child, people are still unsure how this prank really happened.

The incident happened at a bar in Melbourne’s west in 2004, and police believe it was one of the most bizarre in the city’s history.

Laundry strippers and prostitutes are not often caught on camera stripping in public and the woman who went missing in the bar has never been found.

In an attempt to shed light on this story, News.

Com.au has compiled some of the bizarre tales that have come out of the Victorian capital.

“The night of the incident was a bit of a wild ride,” said Victoria Police Sergeant Tom Kelly.

“We did find the woman’s wallet and a bag of jewellery, which we believe were her wallet and her jewellery.”

But then it all just fell apart when we got there and it was just nothing.

“Detective Sergeant Kelly said police had yet to determine how the woman was found, but they believe it could have been due to a traffic accident.”

I do believe it’s possibly the result of a traffic collision.

But it’s also possible the woman is still missing,” he said.”

It’s a case that has remained unsolved.

“Read morePolice believe the woman may have been abducted from a bar and thrown into a ditch, and they believe the incident happened on April 7, 2004, about 7pm.”

There were two people in the vehicle, and it looked like the vehicle was in a ditch,” Sergeant Kelly explained.”

Then I don’t know how the vehicle ended up in the ditch, but it was pretty muddy, so it would have been a fairly challenging and muddy situation to drive that vehicle.

“If it was stolen it could be a very difficult case to prosecute, but we’re trying to do that.”

Police say the man in the car was the driver, but Detective Kelly says the woman could have also been the passenger.

“This has to be a really difficult case, because she was obviously not wearing a mask,” he explained.

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More than a decade after a laundry stripper was left with a hole in her leg after being mistaken for…

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