Walmart washing detergent to be phased out in 2018

A new Walmart washing machine is one step closer to being phased out, with the retailer confirming that its new machines will no longer be made by the company’s existing manufacturer, and will instead be manufactured by a company called Staples.

The move comes after Walmart’s own website announced that the company would discontinue the Staples brand in 2018.

Walmart is also replacing the Staples laundry detergents that have been on the shelves of its stores for several years.

“We are removing all products made by Staples from our supply chain, as well as the entire Staples family of brands,” a Walmart spokesperson told Business Insider.

The spokesperson added that Walmart was removing the brand from all of its distribution centers, with a focus on its retail stores and online channels.

“This will allow us to focus on our core business of delivering quality, low-cost products at the lowest possible prices, including the latest home and office essentials and appliances,” the spokesperson said.

The company also announced that it would also end the relationship with Staples, and that it plans to partner with other retailers that have the Staples name in their names, like Amazon, Target, Walgreens, Lowe’s and others.

While the Staples washing machine announcement has come as a surprise to many shoppers, the news may also surprise the brand itself.

In the past, Walmart has been known for making high-end washing machines.

In 2015, Walmart said that it was discontinuing its line of high-priced machines, but this year, the company said that the end of the line was in sight.

“Over the past year, we have been able to significantly reduce the costs and the complexity of our supply chains, which in turn has allowed us to lower the price of our products,” Walmart CEO Brian Cornell told The Wall Street Journal.

Cornell has said that Walmart will continue to be a leader in home and household goods and appliances.

A new Walmart washing machine is one step closer to being phased out, with the retailer confirming that its new…

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