When will it be the end of Shakira’s career?

In early 2018, Shakira and her bandmates were preparing to perform at the Grammy Awards.

She’d been performing the album Artistic Integrity since the summer of 2016.

They were going to perform it at the VMAs on Feb. 3, but when the band was forced to cancel the show due to the flu, Shakra and her crew were forced to move to Los Angeles.

But in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Shakir has revealed that she’s still not quite finished with the album, which has been around since 2009.

“I’m in the studio working on the new album,” Shakira said.

“It’s gonna be a very good album.”

Shakira, who is a producer and songwriter, is working with some big names to finish the album and tour.

They’re aiming to tour throughout the year.

“They’re gonna be touring with some really great artists like Tove Lo, and I think we’re gonna have a great album,” she said.

She said that while she hasn’t seen the finished album, she thinks she knows what it is.

“You know I’m pretty sure,” she told Rolling Stone.

“But I have no idea.

It’s just kind of a mystery.”

While she doesn’t have an official date for when the album will be released, Shakur said she’s “really excited” about the idea of doing something with her music.

“What I do is just try to figure out what my own creative vision is, and then work on that and make it as good as possible,” she added.

“And then when it’s done, I’ll do it again and again and never stop doing it.”

In the meantime, she’s planning to tour, she said, but she also wants to see the album out for herself.

“That’s a dream come true,” she laughed.

“If I have the time to watch the album with myself, it’s just gonna be like a beautiful, beautiful experience.”

In early 2018, Shakira and her bandmates were preparing to perform at the Grammy Awards.She’d been performing the album Artistic…

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