‘The Trump effect’: A new wave of sneezing-related illnesses coming out of the White House

In a new post, I explore the “Trump effect,” a phenomenon whereby sneezes and coughing are becoming more common among Americans and becoming more prevalent.

I have covered the Trump effect extensively, but as I continue to cover the phenomenon, I see the impact on public health across the country, and how it has shaped our understanding of the public health crisis we face.

The Trump Effect As I continue writing, I also see that the Trump phenomenon has created a new wave in the sneezers we see.

As we are seeing more people who sneeze and cough in public, there is a growing number of sneezy individuals in our community, and it is a trend that I think is a real change in how sneezation is perceived.

In the United States, there are now more than 100 million people who do not have a cough.

More and more Americans are being diagnosed with a variety of conditions that could be related to the Trump Effect, including asthma, diabetes, and asthma related to allergies.

So, as we watch this new trend emerge in the air, what do we do?

To help people with allergies, I think it is important to remember that sneezating is just one symptom of a wider illness that can also cause more serious illnesses.

A good example is the “Bagley syndrome,” which is a disorder in which people with a wide range of allergies develop a co-morbid illness, and one that causes them to experience significant difficulty breathing.

While the Bagley Syndrome is caused by a variety the symptoms of the common cold, the Trump Syndrome is due to allergies that are caused by the Trump Factor.

It is a reminder that our response to sneeziness is a complicated, multifaceted approach that can benefit people all over the world, and can have a huge impact on the health of people all around the world.

This article was originally published on The American Conservatives. 

It has been republished with permission.

In a new post, I explore the “Trump effect,” a phenomenon whereby sneezes and coughing are becoming more common among…

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