France to allow people to use mesh laundry baskets

France’s parliament is set to vote on a bill that would allow the public to use a mesh laundry basket as a laundry hamp, a move that will be seen as an important step toward allowing French citizens to reuse their laundry.

Under the bill, people will be able to use their mesh baskets for up to eight hours a day for washing up, as well as washing up for a short period.

A laundry basket can hold up to 50 liters of water.

The bill will be debated in the lower house of parliament next week.

According to a report from the French media outlet Le Figaro, the bill is set for debate next week and will be voted on by the French Parliament.

The proposal comes at a time when French citizens are increasingly reluctant to wash their clothes in public.

In June, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a plan to end the ban on public washrooms in the country.

The ban, which was introduced by the socialist government of former President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2013, is due to end in 2018.

A study conducted by French experts last year showed that 70 percent of French households have no clothes in their closet, and one in five households have more than one garment, according to AFP.

The new bill aims to encourage people to take advantage of the new facilities.

“This is a good opportunity to have a more leisurely life,” a man wearing a mesh basket told AFP.

“It can be a very good source of energy.”

Mermaids, or women dressed in leggings, have also taken to the public washroom in recent years.

In 2015, a group of female marinetas in Spain became the first in the world to use the public restroom in the same way that they use their washing machines.

France’s parliament is set to vote on a bill that would allow the public to use a mesh laundry basket…

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