Laundry laundering hoax: Laundromats are dirty and dirty laundry is a scam

A laundry mat hoax that was being circulated on social media recently has gone viral.

The video was created by user @S_C_Brick and was filmed in an old school laundry shed in the UK.

It shows a man who claims to be a retired police officer making a series of claims about how the mat was dirty and how he would wash it.

In the video, the man claims that he would clean the mat by using a wet rag and that it was very easy to do.

The man says that he is a retired policeman and that he had worked in the police department in the 1970s.

He claims to have a degree in forensic science.

In response to a comment on the video that it is not a lie, the video was taken down from Twitter and removed from YouTube.

The comments section on the original YouTube post was also taken down and is still live.

In a statement, the police said the person in the video is not working for the force anymore and that there are no more claims about the mat being dirty.

The police also said that they are taking the allegations seriously and are investigating them.

This is not the first time a laundry mat has been made up as a hoax.

In December, a man claimed that he was a police officer working in a police station and that his mother was an ex-girlfriend of the police officer.

That man said that he also washed his own mat and claimed to have an “incredible degree” in forensic psychology.

A video of a laundry bag washing was also made up and it was widely believed that the man was a detective.

But this particular video has attracted more attention because it is the first to be posted on Facebook.

It was originally posted on November 14, but the video has now been removed.

However, a video of the same man is still available on YouTube.

It is not clear whether the man in the latest video is an actual police officer or an online hoaxer.

The woman who made the hoax also made a video on November 13 of herself wearing the same uniform and claiming that she was an officer working for police in a station in Nottingham, England.

The original video was removed from Facebook and the comments section is still active.

It has been shared over 9 million times and was shared by many of the UK’s biggest news outlets.

It also has received thousands of retweets on Facebook, making it one of the most popular hoaxes on Facebook today.

Facebook has taken down the videos.

The incident is still a concern for many people.

Twitter user @CrazyKris, who was one of many people who were skeptical of the laundry mat claim, told MTV News that the hoax has created a lot of “concerns” among people.

“It’s a big concern for me,” she said.

“I’ve always wondered about police officers working in the laundry and how they’re treated.

This has really been a big factor for me.”

It is important to note that the woman in the second video is wearing a uniform that was worn by the same officer in the first video.

The first video was shared on November 15 and has since been taken down.

The second video was posted on December 14.

The third video was uploaded on December 17 and is not currently available on Facebook or YouTube.

A spokesman for the police force said in a statement that the person who made up the hoax video has been suspended.

“The video has since disappeared from the video sharing platform.

We are looking into the matter thoroughly and will take appropriate action,” the spokesman said.

A laundry mat hoax that was being circulated on social media recently has gone viral.The video was created by user…

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