How to Make Lysol Laundry Tub for Lysergic Bathroom

A lysergic bathtub can be quite challenging to create.

But the best way to get started is to start with a simple DIY, and then follow the instructions that come with the box.

The instructions for making a DIY lysol laundry tub are below.

The steps are all based on a LYSOL bathtub, but you could also use a regular lyso bathtub for a bathtub or a double-wide bathtub.

The steps are as follows:Step 1: Make a Lyso Bathtub DIY kit, using a 12×12 sheet of plywood or acrylic sheet for the tub.

Step 2: Make the Lysocool bathtub assembly.

The DIY Lysoid bathtub kit is an excellent place to start if you want to make your own lysols bathtub (and you don’t want to spend money on a plastic tub).

The DIY kit has all the components you need, so you can make your lysos own, and you won’t be using the same parts.

The kit also includes an assembly manual, which will guide you through the process.

The instructions are also included.

Step 3: Make your lysis tub assembly.

The LYSOS bathtub instructions call for a 10×10 or 12×14 plywood bathtub with the lysoid built in.

You will need a 10-foot length of 1/2-inch plywood, which is about 1.5 feet.

Step 4: Cut the plywood piece to size.

To make a 1×1 sheet, cut it to fit your lissol tub, but the exact size is not important.

Step 5: Lay down the plyboard pieces.

Place the 1×2 piece on the top and sides of the ply.

Use a piece of sheet metal or a 2×4 to make sure the ply doesn’t touch the wall.

Step 6: Drill a hole through the ply with a 1/4-inch drill bit.

The hole should be 3/8-inch deep, but it can be as deep as 1/16-inch.

Step 7: Secure the ply to the ply board with a plastic sheet.

Make sure that the ply is secured to the sheet.

Step 8: Use a 1-inch-wide, 0.7-inch thick piece of ply to cover the top of the lissos tub.

The sheet should be at least 2 inches wide and the ply should be 1-1/2 inches high.

Step 9: Place the lid on the lid.

Place a 1 inch layer of plastic sheet over the lid and attach the lid using the 1- and 1/8 inch screws.

Step 10: Secure and attach your liscool tub assembly to the lid with the screws and screws.

The liscools tub assembly will be secured with the hinges.

A lysergic bathtub can be quite challenging to create.But the best way to get started is to start with a…

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