Chinese laundry shoes makeover: A Chinese designer creates a new, sexy pair

“A few weeks ago, I bought a new pair of Chinese laundry heels.

I was looking for a pair that was a bit more fashionable than the standard Chinese ones that I’d seen on Chinese TV,” said Yuhu Sun, a 25-year-old graduate student in Chinese and Oriental studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

“I also wanted to be more feminine, so I chose the Chinese style.

I didn’t want to make any compromises because it’s my style, and I wanted it to look cool.”

The new pair, made by designer Liu Li, is a collaboration between the two designers.

The shoes are priced at $150,000, and Liu Li says they were inspired by the Chinese fashion trend of women’s shoes that were traditionally made from bamboo, and have an extremely soft, lightweight feel.

The heels have a pair of metal pommel toes, which are made from a variety of materials, including bamboo, silk, leather, and leather fabric.

“When we first started the project, we thought we would have to make a lot of compromises,” Liu Li said.

“We needed to find materials that were high-quality, and they were really hard to find.

We decided to make them with bamboo, as it is the material of the Chinese culture, and it is a lot more sustainable.”

The heels have been designed with an unusual shape, so they have to be extremely slender to fit into a shoebox.

Liu Li designed them to fit the shape of the shoe, which has an arch and a heel, with a slightly rounded toe.

“This is one of the most popular shoes, and we wanted to create something unique for our brand,” Liu said.

Liu said the heels will be available for sale in October.

The Chinese-made shoe comes in several different styles.

The first, called the “Chinese Style,” is a high-top shoe with a full-length heel and a large rubber sole.

The other styles are a short shoe with only a thin sole, a mid-top with a flat sole, and a wide-top.

“The shoe has the shape that’s typical of a high top, so it’s more like a high heel than a high toe,” Liu told The Verge.

Liu explained that the Chinese-style shoes are made in a different style, called a “Chinese Beauty.”

Liu said that it is not necessarily a style of shoe that has to be worn with makeup or makeup products.

The Chinese-beauty style is very high-waisted, with long-waist lace-up shoes.

Liu added that the shoes are comfortable and stylish.

The shoe comes with a protective laces, and each pair of shoes can be custom-fitted with a removable lacing system that allows them to be custom made for a specific occasion.

“We’ve got a lot to work on,” Liu added.

“One of the main goals is to create a shoe that’s made from the highest-quality materials, and that has an easy to clean feel.”

Liu Li said the shoes have an air of sophistication.

“There are different fabrics and materials that make up the shoe.

Each pair of heels has a special pattern that we’re trying to convey, so when you put them on, you can see that the pattern is different, and you can customize it,” Liu explained.

“Our goal is to keep it unique, but we can also make a shoe with the same design for the same occasion.”

The shoe is expected to go on sale in November.

“A few weeks ago, I bought a new pair of Chinese laundry heels.I was looking for a pair that was…

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