10 new laundry symbols that will change the way you wash your clothes

10 new washing symbol trends for the upcoming holiday season: 1.

Waterfall patterned laundry detergent – The trend here is for waterfalls.

The waterfalls are a staple of most modern homes, but some are more colorful than others.

They have a little water in them to keep them from drying out, and the patterns are all water-resistant.

Some even have holes in the center for a water-saving toilet bowl.

This trend will probably fade from the American mainstream, but it will continue to be popular in Europe.


Tiled washing – The tiles are now in vogue.

They make for a great look in a home that is already decorated, but they also help you clean your dishes easier.

The tiles can be painted in different colors, and it’s a great way to create a nice look.


Piled-up laundry – These are a great addition to your laundry room, as they’re also more durable.

The layers of fabric help keep your clothes from getting tangled in each other and get rid of the stains you see on your clothes.


Double-woven towels – This is a trend that is popular across Europe, with women in particular loving the fact that they can wash their towels at the same time as washing the dishes.


Packed towels – The best part about this trend is that it’s so easy to wash them.

They’re so compact and wash so quickly that you can even fold them in half.

This is definitely one of those times when it’s really important to have a laundry basket to carry your towels to the washroom.


Handmade towels – You can get all of your towels at your local fabric store.

These are so cute and unique, and they make for great gifts.


Simple and beautiful towels – It’s hard to beat a nice towel for Christmas.

It’s so simple and cute, and you can make it your own by adding a few different patterns.


Dry-cleaners and laundry machines – There’s nothing like a dry-cleaner and a laundry machine to make a great holiday gift.

The machines are so easy and quick to use that they’ll be a great gift for anyone.


Freezer drying machines – This trend is really about how you use the freezer and the drying equipment.

It helps to get rid from the extra water that can come from the freezer.


Hand-drying chairs – These chairs are a perfect gift for a loved one or for someone who wants to be extra thoughtful.

10 new washing symbol trends for the upcoming holiday season: 1.Waterfall patterned laundry detergent – The trend here is for…

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