How to clean up after a zombie apocalypse

You know you’re not alone when you wake up to find all your belongings were eaten by the undead.

The latest installment of Entertainment Weekly’s Walking Dead survival guide takes things one step further by sharing a couple of tips that should help you stay alive in the zombie apocalypse.

Here are eight of the best tips for surviving your first zombie apocalypse: 1.

Make sure your bedding is clean before you go to sleep.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t wake up your loved ones in the middle of the night to find that they’re gone.

The first is to make a quick trip to the laundry machine to get some fresh towels, bedding, and bedding wipes.

If your house is in the process of being gutted by the zombies, make sure that all your furniture and supplies are accounted for before heading to bed.


Make a plan for the night.

As soon as you get to bed, it’s time to make your plan.

Make it a point to go out for a drink, take a walk, or maybe even watch some TV.

If you have no other options, you should at least make a few plans to make you as prepared as possible.


Make yourself comfortable.

If everyone in your household is in one place and not moving around, the best thing you can give yourself is some privacy.

Even if you’re only staying with one person, make it a priority to take some time to decompress in bed and rest.


Have a few snacks ready.

While there are plenty of food and drinks to enjoy at a dinner party, the next best thing is to take a bite out of a candy bar or snack bar.

This is especially helpful if you can’t make it to a bar, like in the AMC zombie apocalypse, where it is common to be without food or water for up to a week.


Have some backup.

If someone is going to be out in the open for hours, it can be hard to get a drink of water or a snack.

If they’re out in a car or trailer, it may be difficult to get to a shelter.

If a few of your neighbors are going to join in, you can make it an exercise in survival.

You may need to stay on your feet or even walk around in a pool of water to get supplies.


Dress up and wear a hat and sunglasses.

As much as you’d like to take on the undead, there are some things you’ll be unable to do without.

If it’s a zombie walker, it might be difficult or even impossible to stay hidden.

For those who can’t, it is a good idea to wear a headband, sunglasses, and a hat, such as the ones you can buy online, to help protect your face from the sun.


Put on your best zombie mask.

Even in a zombie-free environment, there will be plenty of zombies, so it’s important to wear something to hide your face and hide your hands.

Make the best of it and use any extra time you have to wear the best zombie costume.


Get some fresh air.

When you have a few minutes to yourself, you might want to check out a local park, a movie theater, or a beach.

If all you can find is the occasional zombie, it’ll be a good time to take your chances and see if you are still alive.

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You know you’re not alone when you wake up to find all your belongings were eaten by the undead.The latest…

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