‘The Laundry’ is the #1 comedy of 2017… but that’s not what you need to know about it

The Laundromat, the #2 comedy of the year, is back.

In an exclusive interview with EW, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Evan Goldberg’s daughter, Shana Goldberg, tell us why the movie is so great and how it was able to be so controversial.

The film has grossed more than $6 billion worldwide and earned three Oscar nominations.

“We love being controversial, we love to push boundaries,” Shana tells EW.

“So when we saw this movie and thought, ‘We gotta do this, this is what we have to do to make this movie better’ we just couldn’t turn it down.

We had to do it.”

The Liddys say that, while they wanted to make the film as political as possible, they had to also take some risks to make it funny.

“There’s a lot of political stuff in it, but we had to be careful not to be too political, because we wanted to be honest,” Seth says.

“In order to be funny, we had a certain amount of politicalness to it.

But we also knew we could be really funny.

We knew that it’s a political film and that we could get political with it, and we could make a good point of it.”

In the movie, Shania plays a lawyer who is working with a family of friends to file a civil lawsuit against the company that owns the laundry cart.

When she discovers that the business is run by a former president, a political operative, and a former U.S. senator, she becomes disillusioned and leaves the organization.

“I just wanted to show the world that there are a lot more of us than we think,” Shania says.

As Shana says, “There are lots of good people out there.”

We’ll talk more about “The Liddies” next week.

For now, check out the full interview with Seth Ragen, Evan Goldberg, and Shana’s daughter below.

The Lidding: “The Worst Thing I Ever Saw” (2017) – Seth Rannen and Evan GoldbrennerThe Lidding is the third installment in a long running series that takes the characters of three friends from Brooklyn and gives them the chance to be more themselves.

The movie follows the adventures of a group of teens in a series of hilarious and heartwarming stories.

In “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done,” the kids are forced to take on a major mission in order to save the world, only to discover that their journey will change the course of their lives forever.

“The best thing I’ve ever done,” Shannas son says.

It’s hard to explain how big Shana and Shania are in this movie.

“You know, we have a little sister who was very tiny and we have four great little sisters and a brother who was really small and is a total freak,” Shanny tells EW about her character.

“But she’s also really smart, and she’s a really good actress.

She’s really good at acting.”

Shana adds that she has a lot to learn from her sister.

“And I think we all have the same thing: We’re going to grow up and be the best we can be.

So we’ll figure out how to be that person,” she says.

The Laundromat, the #2 comedy of the year, is back.In an exclusive interview with EW, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and…

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